Polysleep Launches Most Competitive Mattress Affiliate Program

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The Canadian Brand Raises the Bar Once Again for Industry Standards

Polysleep, a leading Canadian hybrid foam mattress innovator, launches today its Affiliate Program, an exciting new partnership opportunity for customers with high online visibility to work collaboratively with the fast-growing company and benefit from the industry“s most competitive payout.

Polysleep will work with the affiliates to help them create incisive, unbiased content to help future customers make informed decisions. Polysleep“s goal is to provide the affiliates with all the necessary tools-from professional-quality imagery to pertinent information and relevant links-to generate original content tailored to their audience.

The affiliate program has a transparent payment plan with the most competitive payout in the industry, using a tiered commission structure: affiliates earn more, the more they earn. Payments are direct and based on the frequency that the affiliate desires.

„With the Affiliate Program, we“ve developed a way for customers who know and love our mattress and pillow to grow with our rapidly-expanding company,“ says Jeremiah Curvers, co-founder of Polysleep. „The toolkit we“ve devised makes it easy for customers with a strong online presence to create inspiring material, and to benefit from Polysleep“s reputation as the mattress company that offers the best sleep at the most affordable cost.“

The Affiliate Program will henceforth be a permanent part of Polysleep“s structure, and the company will actively work with affiliates to facilitate happy growth for both parties. Additionally, Polysleep will provide customized programs for Canadian and US affiliates.

„As a small company that has shown tremendous growth in a very small period of time, we at Polysleep strongly believe in the power of everyday people,“ says Curvers. „We are all very much looking forward to working with our future affiliates.“

For more information, please visit our Affiliate Program page: https://polysleep.ca/pages/affiliate-program

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