Indoor Skydiving Germany Group gears up for the future with its new product portfolio

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Gladbeck, 4 October 2018 – Indoor Skydiving Germany Group (ISG), one of the world“s leading manufacturers of professional freefall simulators in Gladbeck (NRW), will offer its customers a package in the future, which will provide customised and cost-efficient solutions for high-tech wind tunnels with the help of an option model.

With an optimised range of products, the German manufacturer of vertical wind tunnels is positioning itself for the future and responding to the ever-changing market situation. In the new option model, ISG shall provide professional and transparent support to its clients and investors right from the planning up to the commissioning of their indoor skydiving facility. In addition to optimising internal processes, the new structure focuses on further intensifying the company“s long-standing relationships with its suppliers. Clients shall be able to realise their wind tunnel projects with ISG at an even better price and satisfy their needs from the entertainment version for beginners right up to the high-performance facility for professionals in the best possible way.

„Our model will give the client the best possible solution for the newest wind tunnel technology „Made in Germany“, tailor-made to meet their individual requirements. This applies to the cheaper and more transparent pricing as well as adaptation to the respective local requirements such as infrastructure and building regulations,“ says managing director Boris Nebe. He further adds, „Thanks to several years of experience in wind tunnel construction and our long-standing relationships with our supplying business partners, we are able to implement the highest technological standards for all our clients“ requirements.“

The new structure builds on a basic package, which allows clients to work with experts at ISG to find the right add-on options for the ideal wind tunnel solution at every location. This structure addresses the increasingly complex demands for indoor skydiving facilities in the entertainment and indoor skydiving sport sectors.

The wind tunnel technology of ISG Group was developed in cooperation with the aerospace department of the Technical University of Berlin and other companies from the aerospace engineering sector, and has gained international recognition owing to its energy efficiency, safety and quality of airflow. The first reference facility opened in 2009 in Bottrop (Indoor Skydiving Bottrop GmbH – Since then, ISG group has carried out several international wind tunnel projects for its customers. We also have further projects in the pipeline.

About Indoor Skydiving Germany Group

Inspired by the age-old dream of mankind to fly, ISG has developed vertical wind tunnel technology as freefall simulation for the indoor skydiving sport as well as the entertainment market. The high-performance facilities are also used by skydivers and military units as a possible professional training facility. In the last few years, the founders of ISG have developed one of the most advanced and silent technologies for vertical wind tunnels. Boris Nebe is the managing director of Indoor Skydiving Germany Group; the office is located in Gladbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia. Information at



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