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Cryptocurrency merchant account

Adult membership sites and other such businesses offering adult only products and services have often found it difficult to harness the features and benefits of e-payment channels, particularly as most service providers fail to address the specific needs of businesses that operate in the industry. However, this does not take away the fact that the „adult“ industry needs e-payment services and other such channels to ensure the effectiveness of the services rendered and of course, customer satisfaction.
There are several payment processing and merchant account solutions providers that are looking to serve the adult entertainment industry that has the likes of online casinos in operation. However, it is worth noting that most of these companies do not actually deliver on their claims for several reasons, while the others charge exorbitant fees that make it almost impossible for businesses to compete on the global level.
Thankfully, solutions providers like GH-Bill have helped to develop the adult entertainment industry by providing businesses with effective payment solutions that cut across different e-payment methods.
Since it started operations over a decade ago, the company has cemented its place as a trusted leader in the European payment industry, with Global Humax“s main business field including credit card processing service solutions in all EU/EEA countries as well as the issue, management and distribution of white label co branding prepaid MasterCard products and ewallets.
Supporting over 160 currencies across the globe, Global Humax offers a Finance Gateway PCI DSS and a comprehensive set of proprietary web-based admin systems to process transactions for a wide variety of markets.
The service provider“s commitment to serving the industry better and providing effective, innovative, and state-of-the-art payment solutions has led to the recent introduction of digital currency payment options for its clients.
The recent introduction of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin is a testament to Global Humax“s innovative solutions. This is so as the acceptance of cryptocurrencies will pave for businesses to attract more costumers across the globe and consequently increase their sales.
Some of the unique features that set Global Humax apart from others in the industry are briefly highlighted as follows:

– Fast a reliable credit card processing at low cost.
-No hidden fees
– High risk merchant accounts
– Crypto Currency merchant accounts

– Awesome merchant service

For more information please visit www.gh-bill.com Adult and Cryptocurrency merchant account

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